own dedicated servers for
maximum utilisation.

Get started with dedicated servers from only 1795 dkr. / month. Go to servers

Flere fordele

  • Dell & HP servers

    We exclusively make use of Dell and HP servers to our dedicated server products. Your guarantee of reliable and recognized product.

  • Quick setup of your server

    Your server will be delivered to you, typically within 2 business days.

  • Remote access from BIOS level

    Access advanced tools for your dedicated server, like remote access, on/off/reboot and more.

  • Flexible payment options

    Select the payment method and period that suits you best. Pay by card, paypal, bank transfer or receive an invoice.

Select a Server server

HP ProLiant DL60 Gen9Intel® Xeon®, E5-2603V3 1.6GHZ, 6-core4 GB1TB SATA 7.2K 1 TB1795 kr. / md.Order now
Dell PowerEdge R220Intel® Xeon® E3-1220 v3 3.1GHz, 4-core4 GB1 TB SATA 7.2K 1 TB1795 kr. / md.Order now
HP ProLiant DL360 Gen9Intel® Xeon® E5-2620V3 2.4GHz, 6-core16 GB1 TB SAS 10K 2 TB2395 kr. / md.Order now
Dell PowerEdge R630Intel® Xeon® E5-2630V3, 2.4GHz, 8-core32 GB1 TB SAS 10K 2 TB2895 kr. / md.Order now

Managed or unmanaged solution?

Manage your server yourself, or let us do it

Semi Managed

We are responsible for updating your server only, and monitoring of your backup processes.

Are you looking for a solution with full managed service? Have a look at our Full Managed solution.

Price starts from 299 ddk. / month.

Full Managed

A full managed service agreement gives you the same benefits as semi-managed and complete monitoring with proactive moniterering included.

We also advise and debug if any problems may arise.

Price starts fom 799 dkk. / month.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

What you can expect

Preparing your dedicated server

The longest time that can be expected for your server is ready, is 3 days. This is measured from the time the payment is processed and your order is confirmed.


Replacing hardware

The expected time by replacing a defective part on the server. This is measured from the time when we record the error or register the case.


Response time, support

The first ticket we receive from you will be answered within 1 hour in normal opening hours. Extended SLA agreements can be added as needed.


Great choice of OS.

Choose from the many Linux distributions, such as CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Suse, Redhat.
On the Microsoft front, you can select between Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2008 R2.

If you want an OS that does not exist in our standard catalog, you also have the ability to mount your image directly via the Remote Console.

24/7 support and proactive monitoring

Business critical systems require extremely high uptime and stability.
It requires special expertise and proactively work from the team to meet those needs. As our customer you are ensured support 24/7, we offer different support agreements that are targeted to your wishes and needs.

Our great staff is ready to provide a personal support if necessary. We will gladly assist you if any problems or challenges may arise.

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Frequently asked questions

May we use the server for hosting gaming servers?

Unfortunately, we don’t allow gaming servers at this moment.

Can the server be scaled as needed?

A dedicated server can generally NOT be scaled dynamically as needed. Contact us to hear more about the possibilities. An upgrade is possible, but one must expect a service window since the server must be shut down during the upgrade.

Hvad are the difference on Unmanaged vs. Managed?

An unmanaged solution is maintained by your. Like updates, patches, backup etc. We don’t touch the server.

A managed solution place the responsibility to us. We will make sure to patch, update and maintain the server.

Can we pay monthly? Are there any kind of contract on your dedicated servers?

We have no binding on our dedicated servers, and you can choose quarterly, semi-annual or annual payment period.

Do you offer software licenses for Windows and other products?

Yes, we are a Microsoft partner and offers many different licenses. We also have a large selection of licenses for control panels (eg. CPanel, Direct Admin, etc.) contact us for more info and prices.

Can we purchase additional IP addresses?

You can buy as many IP addresses as you want, however you must be able to explain the use of addresses when ordering 5 IPs or more.

Need for a larger environment and customized solution? Call 32 13 13 10 or Contact us by email? Ring 32 13 13 10 or Contact us by mail